Tezo ( Martez Little) is the epitome of balance. Born in Cleveland Ohio on March 20th 1991,co producing, writing & performing hiphop/rap at the age of 16. Since Tezo has recorded and released 7 total projects. 5 of them majoritively produced by the super talent Nate Fox. Together they created a sound ahead of its time. Especially Ohio's time a state not that interested in the music industry making outlets/exposure hard to come by.

His last official full length project [(Work-produced by Nate Fox & Trapmoney Benny] released August 12th 2012. Which featured the hit record Dinner Date featuring (Kenn Ball, A household name in the Cleveland rap scene as well as close friend to Tezo. Just Days after Dinner Date was recorded[ Kenneth Smith was wrongfully murdered by an off duty police officer on a Friday night in downtown Cleveland early March 2012." The death of Kenn Ball combined with the caliber of music left behind, shook the state and "took my perception of rap and life in general to a whole new level"- Tezo. June 26th 2012 (Kenn Ball) digitally released an album with RCA tilted Birth Place of Aviation, Tezo remained persistent and continuing to work through dark times humbly. Opening for acts such as, Big Sean, juicy J, Wacka, King Chip, WIZ Khalifa, Dom Kenndy, Gucci Mane & more In 2013 Tezo landed his 1st but not last record with an major artist, also home town friend Machine Gun Kelly who took interest in Tezo. Bringing him along for his "Lace up" & No class tour". In 2014 Tezo went physically international on the "G4G tour". You've might have already heard Tezo on Records with some creditable up and coming artist like Curtis Williams of two 9, Fat Man Key, Resse,[Ezzy], or on the beat of creditable up coming producers like 1st of Fki,Jp Did This One, Harry Fraud or ke on the track.Some of these records have made it to some of the most popular hiphop/rap platforms like illroots, 2dopeboys, earmilk,vice, Complex etc.

With touring under his belt,strategic yet genuine collaborations & a brand new catalog of unreleased music he knows that exposure follows after the will to do.Tezo is in it for the long run. "2016 the seeds planted over the years will florish". Work 2 and another untitled project is scheduled to be released this year along with new visuals,merch and touring. Until then browse through some of Tezo's previous work.